Before You Start your paint project

The beginning of each year is a good time for getting on with all those projects you've been putting off around the home. But before you purchase products to paint the interior or exterior of your home, be sure that you have considered the following points, says the APMF.

  • How much paint will be needed for the entire project? Normal coverage will give you 16 square metres to the litre, depending on the texture and porosity of the surface. To calculate the surface area, measure the height and width of each area and multiply to find the number of square metres of surface. Don't forget to allow for any doors and windows. The paint can label will tell you the number of square metres that a litre of paint will cover. Divide that into the number of square metres to the number of litres per coat to buy.
  • What method of application will best suit the needs of the project: brush, roller, aerosol, spray guns, edgers, etc?
  • Will special tools or materials be needed to properly prepare the surface for painting? Any special paint problems may require special products to fill or repair damage. Spending a little time on checking the surface before you paint will save you work in the long run.
  • You will need drop cloths. Old sheets will do for drop cloths. Also, tape may be required if you intend to edge window/glass areas.
  • What products you may need to clean up. Rubbing hand cream on your hands and arms before paining can make paint removal easier.
  • Once you have selected your paints, remember to always follow the manufacturers' advice.


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